All the sacraments, and principally those of Christian initiation, have as their goal the last Passover of the child of God which, through death, leads him into the life of the Kingdom. Then what he confessed in faith and hope will be fulfilled: “I look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1680).

Funerals at Holy Family Church are liturgical celebrations of the Catholic Church. The ministry of the Church in this instance aims at expressing efficacious communion with the deceased, at the participation in that communion of the community gathered for the funeral, and at the proclamation of eternal life to the community. It is strongly recommended that the deceased be properly waked at a Vigil for the Deceased in the funeral home; that a Mass of Christian Burial be celebrated, and that prayers at the grave site be offered as well. 

Parishioners serve on a Bereavement Committee and meet with family members to help plan the Mass of Christian Burial for their loved one. This includes reviewing the Scripture readings that will be used at the Mass, hymn selections and the solicitation of volunteers among family and friends to proclaim the Scripture readings or bring up the gifts at Offertory. Our organist and one of our cantors also take part in the Mass, at the family's request. You may pre-arrange a funeral for yourself or a loved one either through the parish or with your funeral home.